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Counseling Services of Longmont


Counseling Services of Longmont is a great tool for attorneys and their clients. We provide drug testing, individual counseling, Alcohol and Drug Evaluations, and pretrial enrollment for our Level II Education DUI program. 

Is your client charged or will be charged with a DUI or DWAI?

We understand that being charged with an alcohol offense can be stressful. Especially if it affects your license and everyday life. 

Counseling Services of Longmont provides services to clients prior to sentencing for DUI/DWAI charged individuals.

The sooner a client seeks treatment for his/her DUI/DWAI offense, that client attains driving privileges sooner.

For more information pertaining to your specific client, you are welcome to contact our office and inquire more information at 303-772-3853 or submit an inquiry by clicking the "Take Action" button below.